Massimiliano Fabbri

Massimiliano Fabbri (eudosia)

Senior Cross Platform Developer and Web and Mobile Programmer

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My favourite environment is Mac OSX. I like programming with Real Xojo where I'm able to release the same application on Desktop (Mac, Win, Linux), Web and Mobile (iOS).

I'm also a mobile programmer. My favourite environment is HTML5 with javascript, angularjs. With Phonegap I can release hybrid applications that looks and feels as native.

I'm also experienced on programming with PHP7/8 with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLITE3. Used Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Slim4, WaveFramework, Phpmaker 2023, MVC programming.

Latest Projects

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Xojo - OSX Yosemite Chat UI

This project actually is realized only for Mac OSX from 10.6 to 10.10. It is realized with some custom controls like buttons, containers and listboxes.

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Xojo - Bookmark Manager

With BookMark Manager software you can easily organize, clean, store your personal browser bookmark. The software run on Mac OSX and Windows too.
Main features:

  • Import html bookmark from any browser.
  • Get link info, meta, favicon directly from the web.
  • Get url snapshot and store it in a local database.
  • Organize folders and urls by listbox dragging.
  • Store your favourite bookmark on local SQLite database.
  • Export your bookmark in html or json format to import back into your browser.

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Xojo - Twitter Client

A complete Desktop twitter client. The software works on Mac OSX and Windows. It can manage main twitter features like to post a tweet, direct message, follow, un-follow, list, search and others.

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Xojo - MonKey Password Manager

Monkey is a Password Manager for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Use a single password to rule them all! MonKey has been developed with the focus on security. High standards for encryption, easy to use, moder UI on all the platforms.

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Other Recent Projects

Star rating system

Xojo class (based on Canvas control) to represent a web star rating system. Three different width. Developer can set the rating base (star numbers). This is Open Source

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Xojo vCard - Editor and Parser Open Source

Almost finished class and sample project to create, parse vCard file formats (v2,v3,v4).

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Xojo OMDB Class

Class to search and get from web, using OMDB APIs, informations on films, series, etc., directly from the Open Source version of IMDB database.

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Dropbox Core Api Xojo Class (obsolete)

Class to interact with any Dropbox account: get account metadata, create/delete folder, file put, file share

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Work Experience

IT Professional - Università degli Studi della Tuscia (actually)

Actually I work as IT professional for the USIC an IT Department of the University of Tuscia (Viterbo - Italy).

IT Manager - Università degli Studi della Tuscia (2015)

I worked as IT responsible for the Economics and Business's Department of the University of Tuscia (Viterbo - Italy).

Founder & Lead Developer - Eudosia Systems (2001 - 2013)

Eudosia Systems was founded on 2001. Eudosia Systems, one man company, has been active in programming and systems administration for more than 10 years.

Systems Administrator - Editions s.r.l. (2006 - 2009)

I served as administrator of the system of mail services, dns, database, hosting and housing with a diligent cooperation. I installed and maintained the servers that hosted ISP services. I administered the platform 'Plesk' for Linux and Windows, the service Paralles Small Business Server.

Multimedia Programmer - Country Museum - Viterbo (1997 - 1998)

I worked in a group of people for a project of cataloging of archaeological and artistic treasures. the purpose of cataloging was the creation of a virtual museum collection and database of the works cataloged (technical data, history and images), available to public inspection in multimedia stations and computer networking.

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